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Painting by Lyn Ott, 1972: Hanging at Meher Manor (Fenster Residence), Meherabad

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The mission of this wiki is to build community through freely sharing information.

This site has NO RELATIONSHIP to the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust.

This wiki exists to serve all who reside in or visit Meherabad.

Everyone may add to, change, or update the content.

Please share this location freely and participate all you can.

The wiki managers for now are Kathy Hill, Shami Shaligram, and Joe Disabatino.
Additional management assistance is most welcome.
  • There is much to know about living here. Share what you have learned!

  • Anything you think is useful or interesting can have a page.

  • It is OK and even encouraged to include "commercial" information - buy things, sell things, recommend vendors or sources or warn us of places/services to avoid!

Getting Started

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Phone support!

If you are having trouble with the joining process, please call 181 or 904.948.7963. Someone will come to your place if unable to resolve by phone.